Screen and Media


CUF10107 Certificate I in Creative Industries
CUF20107 Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media)
CUF30107 Certificate III in Media
CUF30207 Certificate III in Broadcast Technology
CUF30307 Certificate III in Scenery and Set Construction
CUF40107 Certificate IV in Screen and Media
CUF40207 Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media
CUF40307 Certificate IV in Broadcast Technology
CUF40407 Certificate IV in Make-up
CUF40507 Certificate IV in Costume for Performance
CUF40607 Certificate IV in Scenery and Set Construction
CUF50107 Diploma of Screen and Media
CUF50207 Diploma of Interactive Digital Media
CUF50307 Diploma of Broadcast Technology
CUF50407 Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services
CUF50507 Diploma of Costume for Performance
CUF50607 Diploma of Scenery and Set Construction
CUF60107 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media

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