Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair


AUR10105 Certificate I in Automotive
AUR10112 Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation
AUR20112 Certificate II in Automotive Administration
AUR20205 Certificate II in Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturing
AUR20212 Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology
AUR20311 Certificate II in Bicycles
AUR20312 Certificate II in Bicycle Mechanical Technology
AUR20412 Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology
AUR20505 Certificate II in Automotive Vehicle Servicing
AUR20512 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology
AUR20611 Certificate II in Marine
AUR20612 Certificate II in Marine Mechanical Technology
AUR20705 Certificate II in Automotive Mechanical
AUR20712 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation
AUR20811 Certificate II in Outdoor Power Equipment
AUR20812 Certificate II in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology
AUR20905 Certificate II in Automotive Vehicle Body
AUR20912 Certificate II in Automotive Body Repair Technology
AUR21011 Certificate II in Motorsport
AUR21012 Certificate II in Motorsport Technology
AUR21112 Certificate II in Automotive Sales
AUR21205 Certificate II in Automotive Warehousing/Distribution Operations
AUR21212 Certificate II in Automotive Underbody Technology
AUR21312 Certificate II in Automotive Braking System Technology
AUR21412 Certificate II in Automotive Cooling System Technology
AUR21512 Certificate II in Automotive Cylinder Head Reconditioning
AUR21612 Certificate II in Automotive Driveline System Technology
AUR21712 Certificate II in Automotive Exhaust System Technology
AUR21812 Certificate II in Automotive Steering and Suspension System Technology
AUR21912 Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology
AUR30112 Certificate III in Automotive Administration
AUR30211 Certificate III in Bicycles
AUR30212 Certificate III in Bicycle Workshop Operations
AUR30312 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology
AUR30412 Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology
AUR30511 Certificate III in Marine
AUR30512 Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology
AUR30611 Certificate III in Automotive Specialist
AUR30612 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
AUR30711 Certificate III in Outdoor Power Equipment
AUR30712 Certificate III in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology
AUR30812 Certificate III in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology
AUR30911 Certificate III in Motorsport
AUR30912 Certificate III in Motorsport Technology
AUR31012 Certificate III in Automotive Sales
AUR31105 Certificate III in Automotive Warehousing/Distribution Operations
AUR31112 Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology
AUR31205 Certificate III in Automotive Retail, Service and Repair
AUR31212 Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology
AUR31312 Certificate III in Automotive Engine Reconditioning
AUR31412 Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Fuel Technology
AUR31512 Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology
AUR31612 Certificate III in Automotive Drivetrain Technology
AUR31712 Certificate III in Forklift Technology
AUR31812 Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Trailer Technology
AUR31912 Certificate III in Elevating Work Platform Technology
AUR32012 Certificate III in Automotive Alternative Fuel Technology
AUR32112 Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology
AUR32212 Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology
AUR32312 Certificate III in Automotive and Marine Trimming Technology
AUR32412 Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology
AUR32512 Certificate III in Automotive Underbody Technology
AUR40112 Certificate IV in Automotive Management
AUR40208 Certificate IV in Automotive Technology
AUR40212 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
AUR40305 Certificate IV in Motorsport
AUR40312 Certificate IV in Motorsport Technology
AUR40412 Certificate IV in Automotive Performance Enhancement
AUR40512 Certificate IV in Vehicle Loss Assessing
AUR40612 Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology
AUR40712 Certificate IV in Automotive Body Repair Technology
AUR40812 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling
AUR50112 Diploma of Automotive Management
AUR50212 Diploma of Automotive Technology
AUR50305 Diploma of Motorsport
AUR50312 Diploma of Motorsport Technology

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