Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation-Land Management

AHC10120 Certificate I in Conservation and Land Management
AHC10216 Certificate I in AgriFood Operations
AHC10316   Certificate I in Horticulture
AHC10416 Certificate I in Permaculture
AHC20116 Certificate II in Agriculture
AHC20320 Certificate II in Production Horticulture
AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture
AHC20520 Certificate II in Arboriculture
AHC20616 Certificate II in Parks and Gardens
AHC20720 Certificate II in Nursery Operations
AHC20919 Certificate II in Sports Turf Management
AHC21020 Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management
AHC21119 Certificate II in Irrigation
AHC21210 Certificate II in Rural Operations
AHC21316 Certificate II in Shearing
AHC21416 Certificate II in Wool Handling
AHC21616 Certificate II in Landscaping
AHC21716 Certificate II in Permaculture
AHC21819 Certificate II in Protected Horticulture
AHC30116 Certificate III in Agriculture
AHC30216 Certificate III in Agriculture (Dairy Production)
AHC30318 Certificate III in Rural and Environmental Pest Management
AHC30416 Certificate III in Pork Production
AHC30516 Certificate III in Poultry Production
AHC30620 Certificate III in Production Horticulture
AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture
AHC30820 Certificate III in Arboriculture
AHC30916 Certificate III in Landscape Construction
AHC31016 Certificate III in Parks and Gardens
AHC31120 Certificate III in Nursery Operations
AHC31319 Certificate III in Sports Turf Management
AHC31420 Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management
AHC31516 Certificate III in Indigenous Land Management
AHC32419 Certificate III in Irrigation Technology
AHC32516 Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work
AHC32720 Certificate III in Rural Merchandising
AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations
AHC32916 Certificate III in Shearing
AHC33016 Certificate III in Wool Clip Preparation
AHC33116 Certificate III in Advanced Wool Handling
AHC33316 Certificate III in Feedlot Operations
AHC33416 Certificate III in Seed Production
AHC33516 Certificate III in Seed Testing
AHC33719 Certificate III in Protected Horticulture
AHC33816 Certificate III in Permaculture
AHC33920 Certificate III in Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Production
AHC40116 Certificate IV in Agriculture
AHC40219 Certificate IV in Protected Horticulture
AHC40320 Certificate IV in Production Horticulture
AHC40416 Certificate IV in Horticulture
AHC40516 Certificate IV in Parks and Gardens
AHC40610 Certificate IV in Nursery Operations
AHC40920 Certificate IV in Conservation and Ecosystem Management
AHC41019 Certificate IV in Agribusiness
AHC41119 Certificate IV in Irrigation Management
AHC41316 Certificate IV in Wool Classing
AHC41416 Certificate IV in Seed Production
AHC41516 Certificate IV in Seed Testing
AHC41616 Certificate IV in Organic Farming
AHC41720 Certificate IV in Pest Management
AHC42020 Certificate IV in Landscape
AHC42116 Certificate IV in Permaculture
AHC42320 Certificate IV in Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Production 
AHC50116 Diploma of Agriculture
AHC50216 Diploma of Pork Production
AHC50320 Diploma of Production Horticulture
AHC50416 Diploma of Horticulture
AHC50520 Diploma of Arboriculture
AHC50616 Diploma of Landscape Design
AHC50716 Diploma of Parks and Gardens Management
AHC50820 Diploma of Nursery Management
AHC51019 Diploma of Sports Turf Management
AHC51120 Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management
AHC51216 Diploma of Community Coordination and Facilitation
AHC51316 Diploma of Pest Management
AHC51419 Diploma of Agribusiness Management
AHC51519 Diploma of Viticulture
AHC51619 Diploma of Irrigation Design
AHC51812  Diploma of Organic Farming
AHC51920 Diploma of Applied Agronomy
AHC52016 Diploma of Landscape Project Management
AHC51116 Diploma of Permaculture
AHC60216 Advanced Diploma of Horticulture
AHC60319 Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management
AHC60415 Advanced Diploma of Conservation and Land Management
AHC60520 Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture
AHC80120 Graduate Diploma of Arboriculture

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