Work in a team (Release 2)

This unit BSBXTW301, describes the skills and knowledge required to work effectively as part of permanent or project-based teams in a workplace within an industry. This unit applies to a wide range of workers, but has a specific focus on the teamwork skills required for workers with limited responsibility for others.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1.    Identify individual work tasks within a team.

1.1 Identify own responsibilities according to organisational policies and procedures
1.2 Identify own role and task requirements within team
1.3 Articulate team structure and roles of other team members
1.4 Plan and prioritise own tasks according to given time frames and team requirements

2. Contribute effectively to team goals.

2.1 Identify team goals and own responsibilities relevant to achieving team goals

2.2 Contribute ideas and information in team planning discussions

2.3 Share knowledge and skills with team members to enable effective teamwork and seek or offer support as required

3. Work effectively with team members.
3.1 Communicate clearly and respectfully with team members, considering the needs of those from diverse backgrounds and roles

3.2 Collaborate effectively with team members, including those who are working remotely on workplace issues

3.3 Seek and provide assistance and feedback to team members where appropriate

4.    Communicate effectively with team members.

4.1 Receive and confirm understanding of task instructions or directions
4.2  Communicate personal commitments in a timely manner
4.3 Identify and report any issues preventing the completion of workplace tasks, according to organisational requirements
4.4 Seek and act upon feedback to improve personal performance and/or behaviour

Materials include: 

  • RPL Kits (Participant and Assessor);
  • Third Party Report; and,
  • Assessment Matrix