Manage education initiatives

This unit, SISXIND507A Manage education initiatives, describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to apply strategic management skills to expand participation in a sport, fitness and recreation service by using information compiled about the market for current service delivery, and to develop educational strategies to act on recommendations to attract non-participants.

Application of the Unit

This unit applies to those working in management or leadership roles in the sport, fitness and recreation industry, with responsibility for planning, implementing and evaluating programs and activities across a range of areas. This could include operations managers, program managers, centre managers or adventure guides, or those working in a sports development role or personal training or fitness business.

The elements and performance criteria are:

1. Review analysis of market trends and participation patterns.    
1.1.    Access analysis outcomes on participation levels and patterns for the relevant sport, fitness and recreation service.
1.2.    Identify priority market segments to expand participation.
1.3.    Review recommendations for expansion opportunities in consultation with appropriate personnel.
1.4.    Select recommendations for implementation.

2.    Review current education strategies to expand participation.    
2.1.    Identify appropriate sport, fitness and recreation education providers.
2.2.    Analyse the impact of current education initiatives relevant to the specific sport, fitness and recreation service in consultation with education providers.
2.3.    Evaluate strategies and methods used for education and identify areas that need to be modified according to identified characteristics of market segments.
2.4.    Record outcomes of review.

3.    Implement education strategies to expand participation.    
3.1.    Implement strategies to address issues and needs for prioritised market segments in consultation with education providers.
3.2.    Communicate strategies to potential participants and relevant personnel.
3.3.    Establish and monitor performance criteria for measuring impact of education strategies on participation patterns.
3.4.    Establish networks with education providers to leverage education opportunities.

4.    Monitor and manage participation trends.
4.1.    Develop and implement systems and processes to monitor changing participation trends.
4.2.    Evaluate education strategies and modify in response to changing participation patterns and trends.
4.3.    Document outcomes of education strategies.

Materials include: 

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (25 pages);
  • Learners Assessment Workbook (17 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (22); and,
  • Assessment Matrix

Price:  AUD $125 + GST

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