Develop strength and conditioning techniques

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This unit, SISSSTC402A strength-weightsDevelop strength and conditioning techniques, describes the performance outcomes, knowledge and skills required to develop, implement and evaluate a strength and conditioning program. It focuses on the skills needed to develop a program which meets the needs of individual athletes or groups of athletes according to their sport-specific needs or those undertaking fitness programs to achieve personal fitness goals.

This unit applies to coaches working with individuals or teams. It also applies to fitness instructors who provide a range of fitness programs and services to individuals or groups. The unit is applicable to those working with sporting groups, in fitness centres, gyms or autonomously in the fitness industry.

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Element and Performance Criteria:

1.    Identify the needs and requirements of the athlete or team members.
1.1.    Analyze the strength and conditioning needs and requirements of the activity or sport of the target individual or group.
1.2.    Develop profiles for each individual or group member participating in the strength and conditioning program using appropriate assessment measures.
1.3.    Develop short, medium and long-term objectives for the strength and conditioning program through negotiation with athletes and support personnel.
1.4.    Identify the career phase of athlete and the training phase of the selected sport or activity to be addressed in the program.

2.    Select the appropriate strength and conditioning program.
2.1. Develop a strategy to meet the identified needs and requirements of the athlete or team.
2.2. Select the core lifts and exercises and techniques of strength and conditioning to address identified needs and requirements of the athlete according to organizational policies and procedures.
2.3. Establish fixed points of the program and identify and document training phases within the training program.
2.4. Apply exercise selection and exercise order to maximize conditioning outcomes throughout the program.
2.5. Identify equipment and resource requirements for each session within the program.
2.6. Develop and document a program schedule to meet the identified needs, requirements and objectives of the athlete.

3.    Implement strength and conditioning training program. 
3.1. Supervise strength and conditioning program.
3.2. Use strength and conditioning training methods to meet identified needs and requirements of athletes or team members.
3.3. Observe sessions to see that exercises are conducted in accord with rules and regulations and accepted best practice principles of strength and conditioning training.
3.4. Ensure correct use of equipment during strength and conditioning session, according to organizational policies and procedures and manufacturer's instructions.
3.5. Establish ongoing liaison between other coaches and specialists where coaches and specialists work with the same athlete to ensure a consistent approach to the strength and conditioning program.

4.    Monitor, evaluate and modify the strength and conditioning program.
4.1. Evaluate the program according to methods established and documented within the strength and conditioning program plan.
4.2. Monitor use of equipment according to exercise plan and relevant legislation and organizational policies and procedures.
4.3. Review each athletes or athletes' training diary or diaries to monitor ongoing progress.
4.4. Use assessment measures to assess athlete's ongoing progress.
4.5. Seek and receive feedback from participating athletes and support personnel.
4.6. Implement modifications to the program, where relevant, to meet identified needs.

Materials include:

  • Supplementary Notes (23 pages)
  • Powerpoint Slides (161 slides);
  • Learner's Assessment Workbook (35 pages);
  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (43 pages); and,
  • Assessment Matrix

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