Provide drugs in sport information

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to provide information about performance enhancing and prohibited drugs to athletes and implement strategies to assist athletes to effectively address those issues according to legislative and sport-specific regulations. 

It applies to those working autonomously and within supervisory roles in a sport and recreation environment. It applies to personnel who are responsible for coaching athletes in a sport-specific training or competition setting. This includes providing in competition assistance to athletes and supporting their psychological preparation. It also applies to those in roles such as sport development officers and competition managers or coordinators.

Elements and Performance Criteria

1.    Analyse information.    
1.1.    Identify drugs in sport issues relevant to the sporting activity or athletes’ needs.
1.2.    Collect and analyse relevant and current information from a range of sources.
1.3.    Identify personnel and resources available to assist athletes with drugs in sport issues.
1.4.    Assess athlete's information needs in relation to drugs in sport.
1.5.    Maintain and update information on drugs in sport issues.

2.    Provide information to athletes.    
2.1    Determine specific drugs in sport information to be presented.
2.2    Finalise content and delivery mechanisms of information to be presented.
2.3    Present information to athletes in a style appropriate to the needs of the athletes and the coaching setting.
2.4    Use appropriate activities and learning experiences to deliver information.
2.5    Check understanding of athletes regarding information provided using appropriate approaches and encourage athletes to clarify information.
2.6    Encourage athletes to seek advice and support from identifies support personnel.

3.    Develop and implement strategies to assist athletes.    
3.1.    Consult with athletes to develop strategies to assist them to address drugs in sport issues. 
3.2.    Assist athletes to implement agreed strategies according to organisational policies and procedures.
3.3.    Review effectiveness of strategies in consultation with athletes.
3.4.    Adjust strategies to better assist athletes to address drug issues in the relevant sport.

Materials include: 

  • Powerpoint Slides (40);
  • Learners Assessment Workbook (22 pages);
  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (29 pages); and,
  • Assessment Matrix

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