Provide healthy eating information to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines

NOTE:  This unit has been superceded by SISFFIT005 Provide health eating information.  Find out more here.


perfect figureThis unit provides basic nutritional information and advice to fitness industry clients, who have no dietary or nutritional concerns. Subject matter will also cover the knowledge and skills to provide basic information about healthy eating and design exercise plans and programs to manage the body compositions in clients.

Materials include:

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (45 pages);
  • Learners Assessment Workbook (31 pages);
  • Supplementary Notes (15 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (41); and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

Price:  $225 + GST

If you would still like to purchase the materials from this unit SISFFIT306A, please contact us.

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