Apply anatomy and physiology principles in a fitness context

This unit has been superceded with SISFFIT004:  Incorporate anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming.  To purchase these materials, please go to Fitness Education Resources.

skeletonThis unit describes the skills and knowledge required to apply an understanding of human body structure and systems and terminology as they relate to exercise instruction. This unit requires the exercise instructor to demonstrate during exercise delivery the application of an understanding of body structure and systems and terminology as they apply to identifying and analysing client needs, exercise selection and modification.

Materials include:

  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (49 pages);
  • Learners Assessment Workbook (38 pages);
  • Supplementary Notes (47 pages);
  • Powerpoint Slides (141); and,
  • Assessment Matrix.

Price:  $550 + GST

If you would still like to purchase these materials, please contact us.

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