Undertake small business planning

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research and develop an integrated business plan for achieving business goals and objectives.  It applies to individuals who operate a small business that operates independently, or as part of a larger organisation. Individuals in this role interpret business information and numerical data competently

Elements and Performance Criteria

1.    Identify elements of the business plan.
1.1    Identify purpose of the business plan.
1.2    Identify and review the essential components of the business plan.
1.3    Identify and document business goals and objectives as a basis for measuring business performance.

2. Develop a business plan
2.1. Research resources, legal and compliance requirements, specifically in relation to work health and safety (WHS), in accordance with business goals and objectives .
2.2. Research market needs, and market size and potential.
2.3. Identify sources and costs of finance, from the financial plan, to provide required liquidity and profitability for the business.
2.4. Identify methods, from the marketing strategies, to promote the market exposure of the business.
2.5. Identify methods or means of production or operation from the production or operations plan to conform with business goals and objectives.
2.6. Identify staffing requirements to effectively produce or deliver products and services.
2.7. Identify specialist services and sources of advice, where required, and cost in accordance with resources available.
2.8. Identify specialist services and sources of advice, where required, and cost in accordance with available resources.

3. Develop strategies for minimising risks
3.1. Identify specific interests and objectives of relevant people and seek and confirm their support of planned business direction.
3.2. Identify and develop risk management strategies according to business goals and objectives, and relevant legal requirements.
3.3. Develop contingency plan to address possible areas of non-conformance with the plan.

Materials include: 

  • Powerpoint Slides – mapped (88 slides);
  • Supplementary Notes (17 pages); 
  • Learner Assessment Workbook (33 pages);
  • Assessor Guide / Benchmarks (33 pages); and,
  • Assessment Matrix

Price:  AUD $325.00 + GST

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